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This is the Introduction Lesson. Here we are trying to make it possible for every student to be able to speak Igbo by  using the first five(5)  Igbo Alphabets, A, B, Ch, D, EThere are 36 Igbo Alphabets; ten more than the English Alphabets.

By following our examples, any student should be able to substitute his/her own name, names of his/her own parents, siblings,  or anything that relates to him/her  in sentences with blank (-------). Each student should pay attention to examples used. If an example uses somebody's name, a student should substitute his or her own name, etc.

Note: To complete a meaningful sentence structure in Igbo, we borrowed the alphabet M and Nw from the Igbo Alphabets.  M is a personal pronoun for I and MeNw is for spelling  Nwa (Child)



Alphabets, Sentences and Meaning

Using First five (5) Igbo Alphabets

A, B, Ch, D, E


bụ m----

I am--


(substitute who you are)

 I am Chima

Aha m bụ ---

My name is ---

Afa m bụ -----


My name is ---

Aha m bụ Chioma

(substitute your own name)

My name is  Chioma


Afa m bụ Chioma


My name is Chioma


Aha nna m bụ ------


My father's  name is --

Afa nna m bụ ------


My father's name  is---

Aha nna m bụ Chima

(substitute your father's name)


My father's  name is Chima

Afa nna m bụ Chima

(substitute your father's name)

My father's  name  is  Chima

Aha nne m bụ ---

My mother's  name is ----

  Afa nne m bụ ---

My mother's  name is ----

Aha nne m bụ Chiọma

(substitute your mother's name)

My mother'sname is Chiọma

Afa nne m bụ Chiọma

(substitute your mother's name)


My mother's name is Chiọma


A bụ m nwa ---

I am a child of -------

A bụ m nwa Chineke

A bụ m nwa Chukwu

I am a child of God

A bụ m nwa Chima

(substitute father’s name here)


I am a child of Chima

A  bụ m nwa Chiọma

(substitute mother’s name here)


I am a child of Chiọma

Abụ m nwa Chima na Chiọma


I am a child of Chima and Chiọma

 na => and

A mụrụ m na -----


I was born in-------

A mụrụ m na Amirika

(substitute your place of Birth)


I was born in  America

A mụlụ m na  Amirika

(substitute your place of Birth)

I was born in America

Plural (Ọtụtụ)

Anyị bụ ndi ------

We are from --

Anyi bụ ndi Ovim, Isuikwuato

(substitute where you come from)


We are from Ovim, Isuikwuato