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Igbo Names

Agbaeze  (Boy)

Branch of the kings

Achebe   (Unisex)

One who is protected by

 the Goddess

Adaego      (Girl)

Daughter of wealth

Adaeze     (Girl)

Princess, daughter

of the king.


Adaku           (Girl)

A girl born into wealthy

family or the one who

brings wealth to the



Adanna          (Girl)

Father's daughter, given

to the elder sister of a girl

Adaobi       (Girl)

The first daughter in

the family compound.


Adaolisa         (Girl)

God's daughter

Adaugo         (Girl)

Beautiful daughter or

Daughter of an eagle

Adaure          (Girl)

Daughter with swagger

Adanna        (Girl)

Father’s  daughter

Afamefuna    (Boy)



Ahamefula   (Boy)

My name will not

be extinct


Ahunna           (Girl)

One with the body

of her father

Akachukwu          (Boy)

The hand of God.

Akuada               (Girl)

A girl born into a

wealthy family

Akunna          ( Boy)

Father's wealth.


Agbapụonwụ  (Boy)


Plea for Longevity

Amaechi         (Boy)

Tomorrow is uncertain

Amaka         (Unisex)

Astonishing and

spontaneous beauty

Amadi      (Boy)

Who knows hidden


Amobi            (Boy)

Who knows the

Thoughts of humans?

Alozie               (Boy)

Nicely situated

Aṅuli               (Girl)

Joyous and happy

Aṅulichukwu       (Girl)

Joy of the Lord

Aṅulika               (Girl)

Greater /elevated joy


Anyagaligbo    (Boy)

Watchman; Overseer

Apunanwu       (Girl)

Too precious or beautiful

to be scotched  by sun rays

Arinzechukwu     (Boy)

Thanks be to God’s


Azubuike          (Boy)

Past experiences are

Key to  Strength




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