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1. Enwe sị na ya amaghị mgbe nwa ya ghọrọ ụtụ raa

The monkey said that she would not deny that her child on her back ate somebody’s fruit, because she could not see her back

A person should only speak about what he/she is aware off (knows). (One can speak only about things of which he is certain.)

2. Ochi a bụghị ụtọ

Laughter does not show friendship [love]

Facial expression of any person can be a fake or concealing a true feeling.

All that glitters is not gold.


3. Ụka a kpara akpa; a na e ji isi ekwe ya

 Any topic already discussed and agreed upon, requires only a nod for confirmation. What has been mutually agreed upon should be executed.

Mutual agreement is key to progress or success


4. Onye mara ebe eliri ozu na-abọ ya n’isi

 The person who knows where a corpse was buried unearths it properly from the    head.

Division of labor lessons burden on one person.

One must bear one's responsibility.

Knowledge is power


5. Nwa toro eto ekwesighi iṅụ ara nne ya

 A grown up person should not be  breastfed by his/her mother.

It is not good for any person to  deliberately commit an abomination or something the land abhors

An abomination committed by  full grown person is difficult to cleanse

6. O mee gbee oji amaka (Omegbe oji)


One who spends wisely when he has(money) is  better than a thief or a bragart.

Being Spendthrift is a virtue.

7. O mee n’ụkọ


 One who does good deeds in scarcity.

8. A naghị ekpuchi afọ ime ekpuchi


 Pregnancy cannot be hidden

9. Mee ihie isi kwụọ aka

Tackle a hard task and get it out of the way or own up the responsibility.

Do not shy away from difficult tasks with excuses

10. Ọkụkọ hapụ chọọkọm; gịnị ka ọ ga-eji zuo ụmụ ya?

If the hen stops chucking, what will she use to train her children?

If one abandons his talents or his means of livelihood, will starve to death

One’s  talent must be utilized properly

11. Aka nri kwọọ aka egbe; aka ekpe a kwọọ aka nri.

The right hand washes the left hand, and the left hand washes the right hand.

Mutual respect is beneficial  to over-all understanding for progress

 12. Onye fee Eze, Eze eruoru ya.

Loyalty to a king can reward one to become a King

13. A naghị a gwa Ochi nti n’ahịa esula

The deaf does not need to be told when  a stampede has occurred in the market square (Arena).

14. Onye na-akpọ Nkita oku jide osisi n’aka na-eyi Nikita ụjọ


It is scary to a dog when the owner becomes it while holding a stick.

 15. Onye nwụrụ lie onwe ya; otu aka ga-apụta ihie.

Nobody can bury oneself. Anybody who buries himself, will surely expose one hand.

There are things one person will not be able to do by him/herself.

Truth has a way to reign or be unearthed. Secrecy can be exposed easily.

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